2 Pairs Cosplay Contact Lenses @ RM80. Exclude new, mini sclera & sclera

Free Shipping-RM49.90 (Pen.MY) / RM89 (East.MY) / RM200 (SG)

Cosmetic Lens Buy 2 Free 2 (Sweety only)

Cosmetic Contacts

Sweetycon is one the famous color contact lens online store in Malaysia that offer various types of color contact lens online at a discounted price!

Today's tradition is being stylish its time to wear lenses that will enhance your look and complexion get rid of specs and wear these stylish colored contact lenses. Sweety Contact Lenses configuration brings about insignificant lenses pivot from eye developments, which assists with keeping up with clear and stable vision the entire day.

As an expert in lenses, Sweetycon uses the latest technology to make they give your eyes comfort. These cosmetic colored contacts are successful to improve wettability in your eyes and your eyes won't feel dry. These cosplay-colored lenses have 38% water content so your eyes will always be moisturized. These color lenses boast several different series to fit your fashion, casual & cosplay needs.

Our colored contact lenses enjoy KFDA, CE, ISO & GDPMD certifications. Here you can find more brands and more shades of cosmetic cosplay-colored contact lenses. Browse our color contact lens online store and order now! Free Shipping in Malaysia.

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